Olola Olive Green 1 PIECE/box Monthly Disposable
Olive green, a mystical touch with classic color. 1 PIECE per box!! Please order 2 boxes in the cart to get a pair of contact lenses.  Use code: OLOLA Get one box for free
$39.99 $19.98
LUNA NATURAL Almond 10 pieces Daily Disposable
Color contact lensesLuna Natural gets crushed in youth in Japan & Aisa. Carrrying high quality safty & Nature. Natural beauty: The coloring dots are gradually distributed from the outside to the inside toward the pupil which would make your eyes look more...
TOPARDS Lapis Lazuli 10 pieces Daily Disposable
TOPARDS, produced by Japanese singer and actress Rino Sashihara♡ For women who want a subtle change in their everyday looks, TOPARDS is a perfect choice. Either for a slow day at home or a fast-paced working day, TOPARDS fits all...
$39.99 $23.00
SHERIQUE Capper Contour 10 pieces Daily Disposable
Following the launch of EverColor, a popular cosmetic contact lens brand in Japan by Aisee, another masterpiece,JP Connect presents the new brand SHERIQUE 1Day Contact Lens to everyone! The new series of SHERIQUE is the first four-color cosmetic contact lens,...
$39.99 $23.00
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