Olens Real Sky 2pieces Monthly Disposable
Find your personal Iris design with Spanish Real color contact lens. 11.9 mm Graphic design pattern will fit into your eyes perfectly and make your eyes special by changing your Iris only with one and only kind of design.
$24.00 $18.00
Olens Velvet Blue 2pieces Monthly Disposable
Russian Velvet has High Pigmentation and no line on the edge of contacts which makes your eyes natural bright. Its 12.7 mm graphic size is about the same diameter of iris so that you look like born with it
$24.00 $18.00
TOPARDS Lapis Lazuli 10 pieces Daily Disposable
TOPARDS, produced by Japanese singer and actress Rino Sashihara♡ For women who want a subtle change in their everyday looks, TOPARDS is a perfect choice. Either for a slow day at home or a fast-paced working day, TOPARDS fits all...
$39.99 $23.00
LUCE Aqua Grege 10 pieces Daily Disposable
Micro-hybrid cosmetic contact lenses which sells in 1600 stores simultaneously!   3D three-dimensional wrapping technology:lUCE contact lenses using 3D wrapping tech with 38.5% water content, making sure that it's corfortable and smooth wearing all the day. Naturally enlarge the eyes :12.7mm coloring DIA would slightly makes your eyes...
LILMOON WaterWater 10 pieces Daily Disposable
These daily disposable color lenses have a sweet, beige-brown gradient that blends into your pupil. To give your eyes a natural exotic look. We carry seven LILMOON daily disposable color contacts: Cream Beige, Creame Grege, Chocolate and Water Water, nude chocolate, skin...
$42.00 $25.00
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