Within a week, Halloween is coming, so it’s time to make you stand out from crowd by ultimate costume. Whether you want to be a zombie, a vampire or even sexy kitty at night, there’s your something for everyone. But still find something missing relating to Halloween costume? The perfect colored contact lens!

If you still having a tough time finding the outstanding costume for your special Halloween, SEEKE is here to help. Below are some good ideas for Halloween 2021, and what SEEKE lenses will go perfectly with the look.


In early 2021, Marvel new series WandaVision was released staring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. The series is inspired by multiple Marvel comics stories, including two episodes of the 1980s, "The Vision and the Scarlet Witch" (The Vision and the Scarlet Witch) and "House of M" (2005) Talking about Wanda creating a limited drama of pastoral life, "The Vision" (The Vision, 2016) talks about the retired and secluded suburbs of the Vision, forming a composite family. Wanda Maximoff is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits in this year and if you haven’t heard of it, you must go online and enjoy her charming characteristic. This amazing costume can finish with a perfect red colored contact lenses from our collections from Halloween column, such as Tokyo Red, Solid Red and Red Ciel Phantomhive.


When it comes to Marvel, many people also think of his competitor DC. There are also many well-known characters in DC comics and movies, and the image of Harley Quinn has also become popular because of the popularity of Suicide Squad 2. In Suicide Squad 2, Harley Quinn’s makeup, hair and costume have undergone major changes, making it one of the good choices for Halloween cosplay. You can try bright purple and BT Blue from our Halloween collections to light up your look. 

The joker

The Joker is undoubtedly Harley Quinn's first partner. Although they don't look like a loving partner in the movie, they are a good choice as a Halloween role-playing partner. The Joker has attracted many role-playing fans with its exaggerated and thrilling but handsome appearance. In the eye color matching, you can choose the same green like Shorthair Green, Bright Green and Fissure Green as the original character to restore the character.

Or try red, such as Puppy Red and Dangerous Ruby Red, to express the crazy characteristics of the clown.



This year, everyone’s attention has gradually ceased to focus on role-playing, and many Halloween elements have also been used as the creative source of Halloween costumes. Just like this blogger on INSTAGRAM @makeupmadhouse, she took the pumpkin, a common element in Halloween, as a prototype, and made a second creation of costumes and makeup, which is refreshing. Imagine how exciting it is when everyone else is role-playing and you stand out with common elements. When matching the corresponding yellow contact lenses, you can choose the one like BT Yellow, Circle Yellow and Anime Sparkle Yellow in our Halloween collections.

Currently, we have big sales for Halloween and more daily beauty and Halloween beauty please explore in the column of colored contact lenses. At the same time, we are now also looking for brand ambassadors. If you are interested in our brand, please email us business@seeke.com to let us know. We are here waiting for you to discover the beauty of your eyes.⁠ AND don’t forget share your wonderful look for your Halloween on social by Tagging us @seeke_official.