OLOLA, originated from Korea, is designed for the high-end enjoyment of your eyes. With standard production facilities & process and DWT (Double Wrap Technique), high quality and stability can be guaranteed.

Now, SEEKE has reached an agreement with OLOLA and bringing some NEW ARRIVALS: HEIRESS & GLOW BY to you, let’s check it out!



This series mainly focus on bring out exotic but natural eyes to the world. No matter what you eyes looks like, HEIRESS series can reproduce the charming eyes by creating a playful but stylish feeling. SEEKE strongly recommend to wear this series in cooperating with your unique make up.


Still having a tough time deciding the little sparkle of your make up? HEIRESS GRAY is here to help. This gray lens with little yellow in the inner circle, making your eyes brighter than ever.

If you like to wear it with red eye shadow or green eye shadow, this lens is perfectly fitting for its blue-gray properties. SHOP NOW with affordable lens on https://sek.ke/302uV7x.


Seeking for green lenses? Want to decorate your eyes with green? Try Olola Heiress olive! Definitely bringing you back to the enthusiastic Mediterranean region. The outer side is colored with green but the designer thinking only green is too normal for you, and thus adding a little yellow inside to accompany with green making it looks like a delicious olive. Change your eyes into olive green right now with SEEKE! More details please check on: https://sek.ke/3oaCfX1.



This series is totally different with other natural contact lens, because it is packed in a small jar, unique lens but naturally. This jar provides clean condition for the lens and giving you a fresh feeling when shopping.


Other than HEIRESS GRAY, glow by gray pays more attention on color gray. By using gray-brown on the outside, the light gray inside is perfectly being emphasized. With this thoughtful design, you can change your dark eyes into dream bright eyes with luxury hip-style. If you are looking for color good for the year-end party item, then GLOWBY GRAY is strongly recommended by SEEKE. Come and check it on: https://sek.ke/3H7Z4mT.


Winter is coming, cold weather and boring white snow may not light you up. SEEKE specially prepare the orange from summer, GLOWBY Brown to you. Colored with light brown in the outer circle, making the lens edge invisible while preparing orange & yellow inside, shining your eyes with a sparkle! Try it now by adding it to cart: https://sek.ke/3wsiv4W

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