N’s COLLECTION, a colored contact lenses brand specializing in daily disposable produced by Naomi Watanabe. Naomi Watanabe, whose name is very familiar to Japanese but not for people in the area out of Japan. After one shot for her imitation of Beyoncé by chance, she was given the title ‘the Japanese Beyoncé’ and rose to fame as a Japanese comedian, actress and fashion designer. So, N’s COLLECTION can be considered as an innovation for Naomi Watanabe as a fashion designer to challenge.

In this colored contact lens collections, materials that blocks 75% of UV-A and 99% of UV-B rays are utilized so as to protect from harmful radiation from sun or electronic devices constantly. Moreover, it will provide you a feel of silk for its high water content and polished edge design within power 0.00 ~ -6.00 available in both nonprescription and myopia prescription. Also, through having the characteristic of daily disposable and 14.2 mm, which assuring safe and clean to give you dream bright eyes.

If you have the same faith like Naomi herself of unique and confident, N’s COLLECTION is here to enhance the perfection of your makeup. Under this circumstance, SEEKE have selected four special colored contact lenses for you within its collections. 


This is a new color collection launched by N’s COLLECTION in 2021. The outer side is made of blue-gray as main color, and the inner side is inserted with yellow as a brightening color, making the entire contact lens natural and clear. Someone who are looking for felling of fairy, then you must try these lenses on.


Different from lassie, cider have chosen to focus more on blue-gray, and by putting blue-gray color in the outer circle enhancing the powerful of gray color with brown in the inside circle. After blue-gray is enhanced, the eye color after wearing it is no longer based on nature, and replaced by a sense of sharp beauty.


Want your eyes to be as juicy as Juice? Just try fruit punch, and it likes eyes get hit by fruit but in good way. Naomi definitely put a lot of thought on this design, which makes it one of the most popular color. The green inner circle matches the blue pattern design of the outer circle. After wearing it, the whole feels like innate.


Add a bit of summer heat to the coming winter. The outer ring of this colored contact lens is mainly brown-gray, and the inner circle is yellow as prime color, which looks like a sour lemon. The diameter of 14.2 and its unique yellow color make the eyes magnified. This model is also very versatile when matching makeup. Whether you want to fake a plain face with light makeup or would like to make people stunning with heavy makeup, this cosmetic contact lens is undoubtedly the first choice.

That’s all about four collections from N’s COLLECTION we selected specially for our costumer. See various beauty, Value yourself. More Beauty please check on our social in INSTAGRAM @seeke_official or on our website: www.seeke.com.