If you familiar with makeup styles from Japan, then you must know this colored contact lenses brand: LUNA. Luna is also a brand from Japan, Luna pays more attention to creating natural and transparent, making the whole makeup and collocation natural. With a larger diameter of 14.5mm and more color options, the brand is selling well all over the world. Bringing a new feeling with simple colors is the sense that the brand wants to bring out.In product design, the beauty contact designers also spent a lot of attention on it, such as the dot design and the fuzzy boundary sense, making the entire lens round and bringing a comfortable wearing feeling. Different from other lenses with high water content, Luna only has 38% water content. However, their unique technology makes the low possibility of water evaporation, and the overall wetness is not worse than that of lenses with high water content.


This product is based on creating a fresh summer feeling, with gray as the prime color, and simple colors to highlight the brightness of the eyes. If you want to add a brighter look to your daily makeup, and this natural contact lens is undoubtedly a good plus point. On a gloomy rainy day, add a touch of bright gray, you can encounter an unexpected surprise on the road.


It seems that people with light pupils don't need to wear colored contact lenses, especially for those with brown, generally pale pupils as the prime color. But this is not the case. Although the purpose of this is to weaken the pupil color of people with deep pupils, if you use light-toned pupils, then this cosmetic contact lens will magnify the advantages of your eyes with half the effort. Make you shine in the crowd.


The sweetness of autumn is brought by this natural contact lens called Honey. Just like his name, it is as sweet and gentle as honey, and the brown on the outer diameter echoes the cyan on the inner ring, just like that jar of honey. If you want to try to bring a touch of warmth to people in winter, you can put on this colored contact lens and pair the eyeshadow with earth tones. A touch of warmth will surprise you in the cold winter.


It is as rich as toasted almond milk and as sweet as an almond latte. The almond is undoubtedly a natural lenses product that can reflect the charm of women but don't worry, if boys want to try this product, it can also exude a different reversal charm. The outer ring is mainly in black tea, and the inner circle is light brown to brighten the overall color, making the whole natural and transparent. It is strongly recommended that you bring this product before your date. No matter the circumstances, it can make others feel that you have a gentle personality and a liking to get along with.


Bright beige and light colors give a bright impression, particularly for some important occasion such as parties. Along with dress and delicate makeup, you are the brightest star of this party. Also, when facing with biggest choice in your life, this lens may bring some lucky to you.


We strongly recommend for costumer who want to emphasize three-dimensional and natural sense. Light brown inside making the eyes brighter and dark brown in the outside making the edge seems invisible, giving the chances for you to glum up your world.

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