After officially online available in 1st Sept, we finally decided to open a new column for our website: BLOG. In this column, we trying to convey some interesting but useful information including but not limited in the aspect of colored contact lenses, brands story and make up techniques. In the first blog, we want to introduce ourselves and our main product color contact lenses properly in order to let you get familiar with us and our product.


We are a B2C e-commerce company specializing in the sales of eye wear products which is founded in 2008 and based in China. In China alone, we have already become one of the Top 5 B2C e-commerce company which specializing in eye wear products with more than 1 hundred thousand followers in Tmall and have received greater than 3 hundred thousand feed backs scoring 4.9 out of 5.0

A screeenshot of our e-commerce feedback in Tmall in China on October 11, 2021 at 15.38pm GMT +8


Haven’t you see your beauty once? Haven’t you wanted to stand out from crowd? “See various beauty, value yourself” is what SEEKE strives for. We believed everyone have their rights to decorate lives, just from eyes. In fact, people have searched for beauty since we were born and leaving numerous possibilities for the world. SEEKE is able to catch up with popularities from around the globe while bring these styles to you ASAP. Whether you’re searching for sunglasses, frames, colored contacts or even creepy contacts for Halloween, SEEKE is definitely a modern yet economical online shop.

What we on sold?
Looking for the easiest fashion upgrade that can ship to you directly in USA? Well, colored contact lenses in are what you looking for! Range from daily needs to costume contacts for Halloween or cosplay, we’ve got what you want! Also, frames, sunglasses and decoration freaks are available on our websites. Check it out and choose your favorite!

How will the goods be delivered to my hands?

So far, we have established a warehouse located just in the United Stated which means the goods can be delivered to your hands ASAP. Also, these colored contacts lenses even have the ability to correct your vision.

We have free shipping when you buy above $59 and discount will show up from time to time. Join us by signing up for email notification or follow us on Instagram @Seeke_Offical, or Facebook!