Another big hit products from Japan, EVERCOLOR is ready to shock your eyes! Don’t worry about not knowing EVERCOLOR, this super natural contact, this blog will introduce every product of EVERCOLOR on SEEKE in detail! Like other contact lens from Japan, EVERCOLOR has the same high moisture content of 42.5%! At the same time, large diameter of 14.2mm giving you a possibility to enlarge your glamours eyes with fluffy edge.

Brown Mariage

Brown Mariage shows the other side of the eyes beyond the dreamy sparkle with its unique dark brown. The color is careful arranged in each dot design of brown mariage, which the yellow dot in the inner circle perfectly connect to pupil’s color!

Innocent Glam

Try to make your eyes look as innocent as a little puppy? Check Innocent Glam out, warm brown brings a mysterious veil on the eyes. With the subtle blend of the two contrasting colors of dark brown and light brown, it exudes a sense of maturity and playfulness. By the way, this lens is on sale!70%off! Go check on our website.

Sheer Lueur

Sheer Lueur is like the gorgeous sunshine from Hawaii, bright color design on the inside of lenses and the mutual mapping of the dense lines inside to make the pupils clearly three-dimensional. The sheer lueur shinning like a sunflower that having a sun bath and definitely need to try this daily contact lens.

Silhouette Duo

Silhouette Duo uses high-density dot patterns to combine two colors together, which emphasize the soft effect of the eyes, and exude a mature and lovely atmosphere. What makes silhouette duo so outstanding is its fluffy edge, others won’t tell the difference after wearing it.

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