Most people find it tough when dealing with monthly and annual disposables, which need to be cleaned every day and properly stored. In this case, daily disposable may be the perfect choice for you. Today, SEEKE is here to introduce you a colored contact lenses brand from Japan that focuses on daily disposable, ENVIE.

Generally, the feedbacks for ENVIE are: the comfort after wearing is better, the moisture index is not easy to dry the eyes, the thickness index of the lens is also thin, and the oxygen permeability is also better. Envie's daily contact lenses also introduced to consumers the secret of Envie's daily colored contact lens to keep consumers' pupils moisturized. There are Three main reasons:

  • Envie colored contact lens is disposable every day andit’s safe and hygienic for consumers’ eyes.
  • The unique internal structure of this Envie daily colored contact lens. It uses the unique BMW-3D technology to prevent the colored part of the cosmetic contact lens from directly contacting the consumer's eyeballs.
  • The non-ionic lens material used can effectively prevent the lens from accumulating dust and proteins secreted by tears.

In addition to these reasons, having a variety of daily color also makes this brand very popular around the world.

Chameau brown 

Eyes are dull and look listless every day? Try this colored contact lens, with a diameter of 14.0mm, which makes you look like your natural one while enlarging your eyes. This is Envie’s hot-selling puppy-eye style. After wearing it, shimmering and rare as a pearl in the desert.

Check it on:

olive brown 

This is one of the new color numbers launched by ENVIE. The black outer circle contrasts with the yellow & green inner circle and the pattern is scattered, giving the feeling of starlight in the dark night, but it feels natural from a distance. People with dark pupils will have a low-key sense of sophistication. More details will show in:

Coral Cheek

The color of this colored contact lens is yellowish, but it looks very gentle after wearing it. It matches the color of the eye color just right, as if the eyes can speak. There is only once in life, you can change the color of your eyes countless times, come and try it on:

plum black

This is more suitable for people with dark eyes. The outer circle is black like plums and the inner circle is brown, so that natural as others or even yourself don't feel wearing colored contact lenses. Want to add a touch of plum flavor to your makeup while enhancing the brightness of your eyes? Try this super natural color by clicking: