What are the colored contacts are?

Simply, it is the contact lenses with color. But why color contacts? First, it gives you an opportunity to decorate your eyes into the eye color you always desired which can be an extra sparkle of your daily life. Moreover, colored contacts have its advantages of natural, comfortable and easy to apply, makes others think you are special but no one knows what you’re wearing.

Normally, there are a wide range of color you can choose from on our sites for your daily needs, which available from daily dropping to yearly dropping. At the same time, we do have some colored contacted lenses, such as mist gray, purple sun and etc., preparing for needs like Halloween or cosplay. More details please check on our lens type column.

How to clean & store colored contacts?

Following are some DOs and DONTs when it comes to your eye health.

✅DO wash your hands with sanitizer for 20 seconds and make sure your hands are clean&dry before putting on and taking off colored contact lenses.                    ✅DO soak the contact lenses(if it is monthly dropping or yearly dropping) for 2 hours in contact cleaning solution.
✅DO take off contact lenses before sleeping.
✅DO wear contact lenses before your makeup
✅DO wash your contact lenses in washing solution timely for your monthly & yearly dropping colored contact lenses.
✅DO remove contact lenses if any unexpected situation occur like notice redness, irritation, dryness, etc.
✅DO judge the front and back of your colored contact lenses.
❌DON’T exceed the recommended duration(daily, monthly, yearly). Any method WONT increase their life span.
DON’T wash your contacts with tap water or drink water, only contact solution.
DON’T put on more than one pairs of contacts into your eyes.
DON’T confuse the left and right contact lenses.
DON’T share lenses with another person

How many hours a day can I wear colored contact lens.

Normally, we recommend you not to wear contacts more than 8 hours a day. Some side effects may occur such as dry eye or dehydrated because eye can’t moisturize itself by contacting to free-flowing oxygen. Even if the colored contact lenses are made from materials that are oxygen permeable, it only allows eyes feeling hydrated and fresh for a limited of time.

If you exceed the time with accident, we suggest you to consult your optician or eye doctor for professional suggestions.

If you still have any doubts about colored contact lenses, please e-mail us and we are willing to help you.